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Delivered fresh daily. We are a wholesaler with a passion for fruits & vegetables!

About us

About wholesale Fresh Food Amsterdam

Fresh Food is a wholesale organization in vegetables and fruits with locations in Amsterdam and The Hague. From the location at the Food Center Amsterdam and the location at the Forepark in The Hague, our employees work 6 days a week to prepare and deliver orders to our customers. We offer a wide range of vegetables and fruits at a good price-quality ratio. Over the years, our customer base has expanded throughout the country, serving both large and small customers. Whether you are at the market, own a store, or purchase as a wholesaler, we ensure that you can buy fresh products from us every day.

Fresh Food Amsterdam

Our vegetable varieties

At our wholesale vegetable shop, you will find vegetables of all shapes and sizes. From leafy vegetables to cabbage vegetables and from tomatoes to carrots.

Our fruit varieties

Discover the freshness of our varieties of fruit. From juicy oranges to crisp apples, you'll always find something to suit you at our wholesale.

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Looking for a reliable and affordable wholesale of fruits and vegetables? Then you have come to the right place at Fresh Food Amsterdam.

Wholesale fruits and vegetables

Fresh products every day

Fresh Food Amsterdam the wholesaler with a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Extended service

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. Together we can then discuss all possibilities and requirements.

Large assortment

We deliver fresh products daily to specialty stores, markets, restaurants and other businesses.

Various vegetables

Looking for fresh, healthy vegetables? We have an extensive selection of various types of vegetables, so you can always find the products you need. Whether you're looking for classic vegetables like carrots and lettuce or lesser-known options like bok choy or parsnips, we have it all.

Exotic fruit

Are you looking for something new and exotic? Our wholesale fruit & vegetable business offers a wide range of exotic fruits from all corners of the world.

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Are you interested? Then please feel free to contact us so we can discuss all the possibilities and requirements together. All our products are fresh and full of flavor.
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