Our ripe pineapples are sweet-fresh and always ready to eat. By picking when ripe, they retain optimal flavor.


Delicious, juicy red apples always available, perfect as a snack or in recipes. Taste our quality!


Sweet and soft peach softer than nectarine. Ideal for eating or as jam. Taste our delicious peaches!

Green apple

Juicy, fresh green apples always available for healthy snack or culinary use. Taste our delicious flavor!


Full-flavored, healthy kiwis always available for snack or culinary use. Taste our delicious quality!


Mild, sweet blueberries, silver-coated like grape. Nutritious, popular and always available. Taste our delicious blueberries.


Our oranges are picked at the right time and carefully packed to preserve their fresh taste. Taste our delicious oranges and experience the full, juicy flavor!


Our fresh blue figs are picked at full ripeness and packed with care to preserve their delicious flavor and unique texture. Taste the sweet and juicy flavor of our fresh blue figs!


Delicious, extra sweet watermelon. Always comes with piece of core, perfect for refreshing snack or dessert.


Tasty, juicy pears always available for healthy snack or culinary processing. Our pears are carefully selected for optimal taste and texture. Taste our delicious pears today!


Juicy, yellow mangoes with soft flesh and sweet, aromatic flavor. Ripe and ready for consumption, our mangoes offer the ultimate fruit experience.

White grapes

Delicious grapes, harvested by size and flavor. Enjoy the delicious crispy bite and juiciness without any additives. Naturally high in sugar, floral sweet flavor.


Our flavorful strawberries are full of aroma and sweetness. Ideal as a snack or as an addition to salads, desserts or drinks. Freshly harvested and always full of flavor.


Our sweet tangerines are perfect for on-the-go. With an easy-to-peel peel and a delicious sweet taste, they are a great snack. Always fresh and ready to eat. Taste the sweetness!


Ripe bananas with a sweet taste and a convenient snack. Nutritious and energizing, perfect for on the go.


We have the very tastiest, juiciest melons. A refreshing snack or perfect for a fruit salad. Be tempted by the sweet taste and enjoy this summer fruit.


Our nectarines are sweet and juicy, firmer than peaches. Perfect for salads, can also be eaten with skin.


Red flesh means a sweeter taste and grapefruits are also nutritious, high in dietary fiber, vitamin C and low in calories. A perfect snack for a healthy lifestyle!


We offer flavorful raspberries. These small red fruits are full of sweet flavor and perfect as a snack, in desserts or in salads. Enjoy the full flavor and nutritional value of our fresh raspberries.


We have delicious, soft and juicy cherries. Perfect as a snack or incorporated into desserts. Taste the sweet flavor of our cherries and enjoy this summer fruit!

Various fruits

Looking for fresh, healthy fruit? We have an extensive selection of various fruits, so you can always find the produce you need. Whether you're looking for classic fruits like apples and bananas or lesser-known options like tarragon fruit or papayas, we have it all.

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